Hi! I’m Emily Rose Hall, an enthusiastic designer and illustrator in the great state of Texas. I’ve been fortunate enough to work for some amazing agencies and boutique design studios that allowed me to work on projects from branding a startup to concepting and designing marketing efforts for a global company. With a background in the arts, I am highly conceptual, but also always design with the objective and end-viewer in mind.

After studying architecture at The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, two creative directors took a chance on my minimal portfolio and love of design by giving me my first design job. I fell in love with the work. Over the past eight years, I have grown an enormous passion for typography, color and design throughout all disciplines.

I enter into each project with a deep passion for ensuring that visual communication is clear, beautiful unique and successful for my client. I create both through the energy of collaboration and creative problem-solving with my team and when I throw on my headphones and become lost sketching on a page. I am highly versatile and quick to adapt to change, which is common in this ever-changing industry.

I collaborate with a range of people from business owners to marketing directors to writers, illustrators and photographers. Additionally, I lead creative teams on certain projects. I deeply enjoy learning from other disciplines and getting my feet wet learning new media.

I’m not only a designer. Outside of work, I like to spend my time figuring out how to DIY something new for my home, painting and illustrating dream spaces that you might see in Pinterest and cuddling with my two cats, whenever they deem its acceptable to do so. I am upbeat and absolutely love having a creative career.